Hello Dolly!

Remember how I mentioned that Steph has been learning crochet? Well she threw herself into it, and decided to make a doll. She doesn’t like it, but I am impressed. She passed it onto Cassandra (who recieves all failed sewing/knitting/crocheted objects), and she appears quite happy with it.IMG_6767I think that it looks like Steph (she went and away and brushed her hair once I said that).

This is something I have been working on, I still have to find the perfect button for it. You can find the tutorial for these cute hairclips/broaches here http://kindawonderful.typepad.com/pink_paper_peppermints/2008/06/rounded-petal-fabric-flowers-31-crafty-flowers-in-31-days–day-23.html


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Look at the pretty parcel that I recieved in the mail from my swap buddy today.IMG_6754Fabric, buttons, ribbon and cotton. All in gorgeous pastle colours. Thank you Alexander. You can find her blog here.http://alexkellerblog.blogspot.com/ She also sent a lavendar bag, but the very keen guarantine peoples loved it so much that they kept it for themselves! It left a lovely fragrance though. So for anyone who is thinking of sending any lavender bags, pinecones, nuts etc, you better check whether you can send them. Just for interest, they say I can have it back if I send them $45 to give it a good clean….um??

I have a stash of underwear that I have collected for this lady who collects for an orphanage. If you want to join in, contact her via this link.http://liscassey.blogspot.com/IMG_6763And just because roses are beautiful…IMG_6759and..IMG_6761the fragrance is soooooooooooo nice.IMG_6762

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Ok, here goes. Yesterday my sister took the children to the pictures (tuff school day eh?). The all enjoyed being spoiled. It was my sister’s birthday (which she doesn’t celebrate), but the children put their money together anyway and bought her some munchies to put into a basket.IMG_6719As you can see she is loved very much. I got a lot done while they were out.

In the afternoon, Camden had a party to attend to. We turned up without shoes for Cassandra. The kind lady at the party let me borrow some, because we had to go straight to a BBQ at Jared’s college. I didn’t think he would appreciate his family looking like hobbos!

Today I went to a Jewish Christian Church, it was very interesting. They gave a good message, and had some lovely music. This afternoon I went to Sth Yarra Presbyterian Church for a Calvin conferance where Prof Milne spoke about predestination, and my hubby spoke about the earliest institute by Calvin. He didn’t write TULIP but rather LFPSC. That tricked you didn’t it? It stands for Law, Faith, Prayer, Sacraments, and Christian Liberty. Calvin was only 27 when he wrote this brilliant work.

I came home to a homemade berry and apple pie that Steph had made. YummmmIMG_6733

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A bit of this and that..

IMG_6669I love this photo of Camden with Cassandra. Camden got his plaster off last week, yay! I have been told that it will take 6 months until it has healed properly. He is not allowed to ride a bike etc for a while longer. 

Opps I inserted this photo by mistake. You have to love this luggage tag about camping. Thankfully Jared is not a big camper man, so motels and cabins suit me fine.IMG_6672IMG_6675

Oh, I have to cut this blog short, hubby needs to go to sleep so I need to switch of the computer. Nighty night everyone, happy snoring!

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My Husband’s Head…

No, I’m not talking God’s created order for men, I’m literally talking about my husband’s head!dsc06955Can you spot him?calvin 500There he is, where am I? Dunno, perhaps I am blocked? I found this on the Calvin 500 conferance site. Where is the group photo of the conferance, we some how ended up in the middle of the photo, I want to see the evidence…

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And the Winner is….

IMG_6703Brownyn! Congratulations Bronwyn, I hope that the book inspires you to be very creative. Sorry for the ladies that commented but didn’t win, I hate leaving anyone out.IMG_6706

Notice that I spelt your name wrong, I’m a bit challenged that way..

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A Kath Kidston Give-Away

Ok folks, you have one week to leave a comment on my post to be in for the draw to win a new Kath Kidston book, full on inspiring ideas.  I will draw the names out of a hat, so everyone is in with a chance, so get commenting!IMG_6663

and I don’t mind posting to overseas…

IMG_6664Purdy aint it?


Oh, I also made another skirt for the sew a long, this one is for Alycia. She is modelling it in a white t-shirt (the only one in the house which is a size 4), but you can get the idea.IMG_6659I made a little brooch to match. It is made up of 6 circles, gathered a little in the middle. The button finishes it off.IMG_6658

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Born to be Pretty!

Little girls are born to be pretty don’t you think? We all love to dress them up with ribbons and bows. Saying that, I made this little skirt for Cassandra. I love the fabric, I got it by mail order athttp://www.craftdepot.com.au/categories/%249.95-Fabrics/%249.95-Fabrics-Colourful/?page=2&sort=featured , $9.95 a metre. There are little pictures of little girls, washing clothes, hanging them on the line and ironing (not recomended of course). I made the skirt as part of Melissa Goodsell’s  sew a long challenge  at http://www.melissagoodsell.typepad.com/. Check out her blog for all of the other skirts people have sewn, and the link for the free pattern.IMG_6651Being the psycho mum that I am, I got her out of bed so that I could try it on her (she was very please over the whole experience).IMG_6654

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A Special Little Girl

I just have to boast about Alycia. Last night she cooked tea for the whole family. I left her to it, and went up stairs. She cooked a casserole, with rice and mashed potatoe, followed by an apple cake. Jared says that she sang during the whole process. A happy helper is even better isn’t it?IMG_6616

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Ho Hum..

I have had a lovely time switching off. The family headed off to Ballarat for Assembly, a holiday for us, but not for Jared. We enjoyed the time in a lovely appartment visting places, playing board games and reading. Jared being a great dad, found time to play Monopoly with Camden before heading off at 8am.IMG_6502Then we visited Sovereign HillIMG_6503I liked the shop windows.IMG_6517I discovered this lovely camilia tree, the rich colour was captivating.IMG_6547I went to a mission meeting (it lasted for 5 hrs including lunch). My children were all so good, they were so patient.

Check this cute idea for oranges.IMG_6591

We went to the beach, Camden fell into a rock pool head first (the cast is now a little soggy).IMG_6579

If that wasn’t bad enough, take a look at this bad idea.IMG_6595His cast comes off on Thursday…..although it might slip? off before then.IMG_6592Look at this quilt, isn’t it pretty? I was given some money in thanks for Dayspring Day, they called it a honourarium (did I spell that right?). I bought this with it. I don’t quiet feel right about honourariums….

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