Little (or not so little) Miss Grumpy Pants.

What is wrong with me today, I feel like ripping everyone’s head off! Yesterday I was feeling very peaceful, I even sorted through the piles of paper lying around the house, but the day ended in disaster, I had crossed the safety zone. I honestly didn’t see any system to all the piles, so I placed all the similar papers together. I even put them in nice new clear folders. Well, now all those folders are lying lonely and empty on the floor, and I have learn’t a lesson “don’t touch your husband’s papers”. Tommorow might look better. Seriously, how do we all fight over such things, what a waste of energy.

I have tried my hand at selling some items on ebay, I sold 2 items.  It’s pocket money, nothing to swing a stick at (that’s the right saying isn’t it?). I have made another Gratitude Wrap to go toward my 10 handmade things swap.

This is what my house looked like yesterday morning, how disqusting is this!There was left over bread from the bread run (no-one would take it), things for the op shop, books, shoes, horrible. With a little TLC, it became..Ok, so it isn’t perfect, I could work on the bookcases, but you have to admit, it looks better than before. And remember I was busy sorting papers!!Do you like this cartoon? It always makes me laugh, but seriously, if I saw a pile like this in someone’s house, I would probably be disqusted. But hey, we all have days like this don’t we? Remember you saw my entry way.These books are my most treasured material possesions. These are my memory books, one for each child. When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend called Lea, suggested that I have a book to write in, to eventually give to my child when they are an adult. So I ran with it. If I am in a fire , after you have saved me and my family, please grab these too. They are by my bed. Here is a snap shot of Steph’s.The best thing about this, is that they will have my thoughts once I have died to be with my Lord. They will know that they are loved, that I tried my best, and that what I want most for them is to know that Christ died for them, and that they should follow Him, and live for Him. Blogs are good for that too right?

I had better go now, and change from Miss Grumpy pants to Little Miss Humble.

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Brothers are Not Monsters.

You saw Cassandra’s picture yesterday didn’t you? It was a picture of her brothers. Today we decided to make them into dolls. Cassandra kept saying that she was very excited to use my machine.Remember that she is only 4.The end product! Two dolls with a bell inside.

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Giveaway..”Sew Fabulous Fabric” Book

Now I have your attention eh? I know you want it. Just leave me a comment, and I will draw a name out of a hat  on March 28th. Here is a little sticky to wet your appetite.and inside…and..

Seeing that my house was in need of a good clean, I did what any good woman would do, and made an owl. Now that I have made it, I don’t know what to do with it. Perhaps I will drop it off somewhere as part of the Toy Society? I found the pattern for this cute owl here: 

Here is Mr Hoot.Remember to leave a comment, you just might be the name that gets drawn out.

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oh oh!

I found this link to this cute nappy clutch. I remember when I had my first child I lugged the biggest nappy bag around, it almost held her whole wardrobe!  When number 5 came along, I carried a bottle bag stuffed with nappies, wipes and an outfit. Now instead of an ugly blue bag, I could make my own, in any colour I wanted. I suppose I should settle on making one for someone else, as no one wears a nappy around here any more :C

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How Much You are Loved.  I love this song. Why? Isn’t it nice to be loved? I guess I have always struggled with that assurance, not that I have reason to doubt anyone’s love for me. I appreciate God’s love so much,  even though He truly knows me, He still loves me. Who doesn’t want that? You can have that love to0. Christ died for the ungodly, to forgive us our sins, He loves us that much 😀

A week has gone by and I haven’t blogged, what’s wrong with me? Well, I’m tired, and I haven’t been staying up late, and we all know that bloggers are night owls eh?

We threw a suprise party for Alycia last Friday night ( I will never do a suprise party again). All our family avoided eye contact with Alycia as we lied through our teeth as to what we would be doing for her party. Camden said to me ” I can’t look at Alycia’s eyes anymore”.  Jared took her to work with him, and Steph and I worked like crazy. All the girls had to dress as something starting with A. Stephanie was Anne of Green Gables. Alycia is now 10.This is Steph, Alycia and Lachlan. Isn’t Alycia a doll? Alycia went pale and a little wobbly when everyone jumped out and suprised her.Ok, so you see this balloon? You might be a bit more observant than me, and notice that it says Birthday boy? Note to self: never take a 4 year old to choose  balloons, they stress you out as they pick one out and start to blow them  up…grr. Alycia received this top from one of the girls.

The next day we went to visit our G’ma, check out her bruised arm. Evidently it looked worse a few days before this photo. She bruised after a lot of blood tests etc.I hope they gave G’ma a lolly pop after that big booboo. Poor G’ma.

Jared and I had a disagreement, cough, cough, about whether the wardrobe would fit up the stairs or not. I said that it would, so he taught me a lesson. The wardrobe was heavy, I was wrong, and he was right. This is Jared with a fake smile.I have done some sewing this week. I followed this tute how to make PJ pants for Cassandra, and then this one for a peasant top to match.This photo is before I made the top.Do you know that you look after your clothes better if you make them yourself? Well, you do. Go make something, and see 😀 I also made this on the weekend, for Ellie. Ellie is turning 13, and she loves ballet.I followed this tute from Grace violet, but instead of using bias binding for the rim, I inserted the outer layer into the inner layer, right side together, sewed, leaving a hole to flip them right side out. Then I just top stitched. Then we filled it with good stuff 😀

Last night I took the girls to a free concert at Malvern Gardens. Stephanie’s piano teacher was playing in it. It was cool, but lovely huddled in the shelter tent with all of our quilts. It finished at 9.30.

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No, I’m not in a coma,  just taking a break from blogging. To tell you the truth I have been a little out of it. With Lachlan starting school soon, I have been trying to not think of my family going their seperate ways. My family will never be the same. I know that it isn’t the end of the world, but I’m just saying how it is.

Today we picked up Cassandra’s new glasses. We had her tested last week and discovered that she has terrible eye sight. She now has glasses, and will also have a patch soon. She has pretty pink glasses. She was thrilled to get glasses, I think that she sees them as a fashion  accessory.

Of course we had Christmas. We had lunch here with my parents, Jared’s parents and grandparents and a friend. The highlight for me was seeing so many at Church, nice! I was also able to eat chocolate again, yay! It became easy to resist after a month or so of not eating it. I made a promise to God since Sept, it doesn’t make me holier than though, it was just something I had to do. Now I will need to give up diet coke, and have chocolate on occassion. I must say that the two together makes me rather nervy. I am a poster girl for a heart attack waiting to happen. I will do my best to be responsible.

Steph has done more crochet, this time for a little girl’s 6th birthday. You can lift up the lids for three of them.She also went to her room and came out with a bear. She said “Oh, it doesn’t look like the pattern”, yeah right Steph, it looks great. So she went off and made a matching girl bear.We have also celebrated Lachlan’s 13th birthday. He read the Bible in Church for his Bible, he read very well. We gave him a pocket knife (which we choose in Geneva). I misplaced it for 24 hrs, and I will never hear the end of it from my in-laws. Of course he may never even pretend to threaten anyone with it, or lend it to anyone. This is a banner that I made for any male birthday’s. My mother in-law thinks that I have become a buddist (no way). I have a pretty pastle one to hang for the girls. These are really easy to make, and unlike some of the cheap looking (but expensive) ones in shops, mine is double backed. Trace out a triangle, cut two of every pattern. Sew up and down the sides (material right sides together), and flip out to right side and iron. Of course you haven’t sewn the flat top yet, but you can just encase that in the bias binding. This is so easy, but so cute.I had Steph and Lachlan at the Presbyterian Youth camp, which they loved, and then we went to Bright for a weeks holiday. Spotted in between, we met up with friends, had sleep overs for the remaining children, and went for lots of swims.

The best thing in Bright was the river, we swam in it everyday (except for Jared). I made the children have a buddy, but I was like an eagle watching all of the time.We visited Mt Beauty, Bogong and other beautiful mountains, but it was just too hot to do too much more. Thankfully we had good airconditioning in the place we were renting.

On a sad note for us is the fact that my “Keepers at Home” buddy Lian has moved to greener pastures. I will miss her very much. The church gave her a preserving pot as a “All the best” gift, I hope that she liked it. (We were away for the farewell).

What to do now? Visit G’ma and Pa, clean up, a new pole for the tent….and so on. See you soon.

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Mum came over again today. She made a second attempt of making some hearts. They didn’t turn out very well. Mum cracked me up, instead of lowering the machine foot, she actually disconected it, so funny. I know mum reads my blog, so I’ll be nice now. Love you mum. This heart wasn’t too good, so mum saw potential, and passed on the idea to me. Meet Ted.I have grown attached to him. He is ready for a party, he is waiting by the phone for an invitation. I might end up attaching him to a pole or something to give someone a little smile. Have you heard of the Toysociety? People all over the world make toys and put them in a plastic bag and hide them for an unsuspecting person to find. Check out this site.

We had another friend in the house too, a slug. Cassandra insisted that it was a snail. She is a stubborn little thing. I explained that a snail has a house, she put it in a container and then said that it had a house, argh!

Alycia did a bit of creating, after some school.And here are some nappy cakes that Steph has prepared to sell. They will be wrapped in clear cellophane.I did a bit of sewing after tea. An apron to sell at Market day. I will sell it for $15. If it doesn’t sell (which it probably won’t), I will keep it, I love aprons. I will make four others with different prints.Today I received a lovely calendar from my sister in-law who is with Jared’s brother and their children in the US over Christmas. I will show you some photos on the next blog. They are lovely pictures with verses on it, really nice.Little Cassie has been crafting too. Modpodge! Do you think we can sell these can pencil holders for $1? Someone should take pity on her, don’t you think?

Speaking of crafting, this is what my kitchen table looked like yesterday.Stephanie and Lachlan got the results for their science test today. It is a test that all children take at school, so I was interested to see how they fared.  They both did well.

I would expect a higher mark for Steph as she has just finished year 9, but she still did well in comparison with most.

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Born to be Pretty!

Little girls are born to be pretty don’t you think? We all love to dress them up with ribbons and bows. Saying that, I made this little skirt for Cassandra. I love the fabric, I got it by mail order at , $9.95 a metre. There are little pictures of little girls, washing clothes, hanging them on the line and ironing (not recomended of course). I made the skirt as part of Melissa Goodsell’s  sew a long challenge  at Check out her blog for all of the other skirts people have sewn, and the link for the free pattern.IMG_6651Being the psycho mum that I am, I got her out of bed so that I could try it on her (she was very please over the whole experience).IMG_6654

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Dedicated to Lian… :D

This week’s lesson for Keepers at Home was rag quilt making. Lian did a great job cutting out heaps of 6″ squares, so that the younger girls could have a head start. This is Lian’s quilt, the demo.IMG_6304 Both of my girls begged me to be able to work on it today. I was really impressed with Alycia, the way that she sewed all day on my machine. Stephanie was all fired up, determined to finish. Steph can do anything when she puts her mind to it. This is hers.IMG_6333On Monday the children had to dress up as a character from a book. Camden dressed as the Cat in the Hat, notice the pose?IMG_6308This afternoon we dropped off a meal to a man, that our minister suggested to us might appreciate one. I knocked at the door, introduced my self, and where I was from, and handed him a meal. It was quite funny, as the poor chap looked at us as if we were nuts. He graciously took the meal, but I wonder if he ate it…The children and Ifelt really weird once we got back to the car, but Steph re-assured me that this is what we are suppose to be doing within the church. It was kinda funny, I hope that he doesn’t think that we are out to poison him!!

Remember those treasure stones that I made, well the smell is killing me. The entire house smells like coffee! I don’t know whether they are suppose to stay in your house for two weeks.IMG_6332

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Meet Butterbean!

While the children were doing school today, and between Camden doing school, I made a littel Butterbean, In fact I made two! These are cute and very simple to make. The patterns can be downloaded from

Here is a picture of my little dolls, Steph made one too. The little girl doll was claimed by Cassandra. A young child could make one of these with a little assistance.IMG_6077IMG_6079IMG_6076


Look what my lovely postie brought to me today 😀IMG_6080Did I tell you that a tree was blown over last week during a freaky five minute hail storm. Our neighbour Nathan came and chopped it up for us today. Actually he started to chop it up last week, but then his chainsaw got stuck, he came back over today to finish the job. Thanks nice neighbour.

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