Today I took the girls with me to worship at our home church, Jared took the boys to his preaching post. I got home from church with the idea of making these special pig pancakes that I saw on another blog. Just as I finished the first one, I got a call from the boys saying that they won’t be home for lunch. So here is the one and only pig pancake, What quickly followed was a platypus and a faceless one.

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A special gift.

Last night we had a special visitor for tea, somone who has been living in Burkina Faso for over 30 years as a missionary. I was delighted and honoured by the gift that she gave to me, as I knew that it would be a treasure of hers. It is a lovely smelling wallet, and two key chains that have been burnt? with a picture. I’m not sure what the picture is of, so that is half the fun. I think it looks like a skate board ramp, or a shelter for melons…I will need to ask. I have already emptied my old torn purse, for my new and special one. Thank you friend for thinking of me!

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A cut above the rest!

Yesterday late afternoon Jared came home looking a little tired and declared that he was going out to cut wood. I suggested that he should probably rest, as He looked a little pale. About half an hour later, Lachlan came running in saying that Dad had cut himself with the axe! I quickly ran down stairs, saying “Do I need to call an ambulance?” To my suprise Jared was inside, with his leg still attached, but with a nasty little cut. He doesn’t need stiches, but I imagine it will hurt for a little bit. The children found it amusing after they got use to the blood, seeing that his sock now had a hole in it (they said thay they mustn’t be the Holeproof brand!). After a bit of pampering, I said that we need to invite our friend Samuel over to teach him how to use an axe (he is 13). Perhaps that is like rubbing salt into the wound?  We thank God, that it wasn’t worse.

Oh, he might have a scar!

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Jared loves to have a cooked breakfast if he has a long day ahead of him, such as five hours of lectures to give, preaching on a Sunday, or giving lectures at night. So here is what he had ( I sometimes join him). This time he had an extra treat, freshly squeezed orange juice!Just in case you think I am the perfect housewife (yeah right!), Jared would like me to inform you that his spot at the table was still sticky! You just can’t find good help these days…..

Today I cleaned out Lachlan and Cassandra’s room. I have been putting it off for various reasons. Every day, the cupboard gets totally emptied, Lachlan also collects every piece of paper and piece of wire….. Guess what I found under Cassandra’s bed? I have been looking for these.

As you can see Camden found it very amusing. Note to self “check under the bed when you need a spoon!”.

On a brighter note, look at these Camilias, we have a lovely bush out the front of our home. I love flowers, have I said that before?

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What era do you want to live in?

Ok, today I went to a meeting and learn’t about the work of the Presbyterian Chruch in Malawi. The amazing work that can be done over there, in particular a new orphanage is about to be built. Wow, what a differance some people can make. I think it is wonderful that you can travel around the world, and find like minded Christians who want to serve Christ in everything they do. What we take for granted,water, food, shelter and family.

Today I heard of a group of women who dress and live in different eras such as the 50’s 60’s etc. There is a show called “Time Warp Wives”. Ok, I’ll be honest, I am partial to a bit of vintage myself, but this takes it to a different level. I could write a whole lot of sayings like “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” and the like, but is this more than a hobby or what? Perhaps these women are just tired of seeing women dress immodestly, or seeing people swear in the streets, perhaps it is just seeing lives so busy that the family is no longer a priority. What ever it is, It reminds me of a sermon that I heared Prof M. preach that said that we should appriciate the era that we are born in. God is soverign, he puts us in the time that He wants us to be in. We have a job to do. We are to glorify God, and tell others about him.  Lets not get carried away with fads, and things, but keep our lives focussed on our saviour.

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Target, 100!

I need to make sure I have 100 of everything! 100 David Livingstone packs, 100 frogs, 100 lights. That’s what the children and I did yesterday. Have a look at the photos!

My mother came over yesterday too, to teach me how to prune the roses. Mum has always kept a lovely garden. When I was younger she use to point our all her plants, and drag me to the nursery, I never paid attention….I wish I did! After 20 photos of the two of us, and everyone of them looking gross, I decided to just put one of her up. Dad Had just called, so she is answering the phone.

Today was a catch up day of school. As you can see Cassandra tried to join in too, but school just got too much for her! Nasty mummy took a photo, she loves the camera, so she cheered up fairly quickly.

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A little bit daft!

That describes me at the moment! I am trying to do too many things at once. Nothing too taxing, but I’m a bit all over the place. I am printing, cutting, designing. I never finish one thing completely before I start on something else. I have just started a “read your bible in a year” chart. Because the Dayspring theme is Fully Rely On God, or F.R.O.G. Frog is the them for the chart…see it so far. I have also printed out little flies for the children to stick on the appropriate frog for when they have read that book of the Bible.

Here is a draft of the little calendar that Stephanie designed for Dayspring. We have little photos of our missionaries to stick on their birthday squares, a little reminder to send them a card or something. Steph has been a huge help this year, she is putting a lot of effort into it herself.

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Apples and laminators!

Yesterday I peeled a huge box of apples. From this huge pile I have enough stewed apple to make 4 apple pies, 20 mini pastries, and three large family sized ones, oh! and two apple crumbles!

My new laminator just ate up a Dayspring missionary box! Ahh!!! What’s worse is that I cannot find the reciept that I put in a “safe” place! Feeling very grumpy right now, perhaps I need an early night?

On a brighter note, Ellie our neighbour did Cassandra’s hair in two little braids, ain’t they cute?

Oh, and that meeting I thought was last Tuesday, I went to today!

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working to get no where!

Today, I got together with a girl friend and the children to cut, cut and more cut, ready for Dayspring Day. We also had a lot of laminating to do, but guess what, the laminator decided to die! I tried to revive it by unscrewing the casing, but who am I kidding? Ok, it made me feel intelligent for a brief second, but the laminate wouldn’t pull out any easier!!!Ugh!! So after spending a day at my friend’s house (which was nice of course), we drove home only to find that Camden’s feet had suddenly grown, or his shoes had shrunk! Yes, that’s right, we had the little three year olds clogs (Note to self, check that my children are wearing their own shoes, and not your friend’s child’s). Too bad that I live about 3/4 hr away!

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Still Sunday!

Ok, Cassandra is never still but we are working on that one! Church is always a challenge, but I can generally hear the sermon (I hope that everyone else can!). Our minister encouraged us to live out our christian faith, not to be just hearers, but doers!

 This afternoon we watched “Chariots of Fire”. I cried through some of it (Steph said that I looked silly enough to video and put on You Tube, ugh!). I am always moved by the faith of people and the stands that they take admist trouble. Eric Liddell was put under preasure to run on the sabbath, but he stood firm because he believed it was going against God’s law. Many would of thought he was a legalist, or over the top, but he stood firm and was a witness to the world. We might not be challenged like that, but every day we are a witness if we claim to know Christ. When things aren’t going your way, when someone is out to get you, or when you feel discouraged, how do you react? This message is for me more so, because I always over act, someone once labelled me a “Drama Queen”. Even when I feel that life is becoming a little overwhelming, I hear God’s word saying to me “trust in me, and I will give you rest”, and “those that Honour me, I will honour” and the simple but amazing fact, that God is in control of everything. How can a Christian be discouraged? I have always prayed “Lord, grant me even more faith, that I will always trust in you”

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