School Holidays!

Ok, not really, but considering the real ones, we had a day off today. We went to a ladies meeting at the college, but before that I…img_1598Beautiful isn’t it? I bumped into a pole! I was in an undercover carpark, and tried to do a tight turn. Sorry Jared. Jared is so good to me, he doesn’t get mad at me, maybe a little annoyed?

We also went to visit a friend who has recently had a baby. How cute is she?img_1609I’ve never seen a more contented little baby. Alycia really loves babies, she was so overjoyed to at last put her little mothering instinct into practice.

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Today, dotted around school I cleaned through my filing cabinet. Wow, the stuff I keep. I was motivated by a show that I saw last night about a couple who were in debt and had to sell everything, and their jammed packed house full of “collectibles” ie, junk! I filled up two whole garbage bags! I discovered cartoons that I had cut out from newspapers such as..img_1554Yep, assertive people and just grumpy people!

Cassie made some cool glasses. Mmm, I need some new glasses.img_1596I have to show you this great toy that I picked up years ago from a $2 shop. I think that it would be a great item for boys to make for their little sisters. A fun way to use up some scraps too.img_1590then you lift the cover..img_1592Then close the lid, and there you have it, one groovy girl!img_1593I just got back from taking the girls to Girl’s Brigade, boy, it was cold. Now where can I find all of the extra blankets? Oh man, the children made a “fort”img_1545

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Fabric Quarter Bouquet Tutorial.

I found these great bouquets at a fabric store not too far from me. I lashed out and spent a whopping $25 so that I could take it back home and pull it apart and make my own. Wouldn’t they make a great hostess gift for a “crafty” person, something that is pretty, and yet functional (when unwrapped they can add the material to their latest quilt or applique).img_1502The one I bought!

Let’s begin.

Cut  smaller (15 cm) squares from yellow material. They will be the center of the flower. img_1522Place a cotton ball or a small amout of batting in the center of each square and gather up the points and secure with an elastic band (the type that you get at the $2 shop, 200 in a pkt). img_1523Buy some satay sticks (the bamboo kind, Wilshire brand from Big W…about $2) Insert into the middle of the yellow material, and secure again with another elastic.img_1527Once you have made up  7 of these, you need to choose four different materials to be the outside of the flowers. Then cut 7 pieces about 45cm x 18cmimg_1529

you need to fold down the top and the botton of the material and then fold along the length of the material like a paper fan.img_1531Next you need to wrap the material around the yellow center, and secure with an elastic band.img_1534Repeat until you have a bunch, wrap with tissue paper, and there you have it!img_1541Here are some other bunches that I made today. img_1544

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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…

Wednesday tea we went out to La Porchetta for dinner.img_1490Thursday was a usual day, with Boy Brigade for Camden in the later afternoon. I also went to a fabric shop with Stephanie. I bought her some material to make a quilt, she only has to do another 14 Paces to earn them. It’s called a motivating tool.

Friday we went and visited our Grandparent in Buln Buln. It has been months since we have seen them in person. They were a little pale, but well apart from that. We also found an opportunity to visit a couple of op shops on the way. I found a Math quest book for year 10, brand new for $1.50! The Maths looks a lot easier than what Steph is doing now in year 9. That is a relief, knowing at least she won’t be shell shocked if she does go to regular school next year. I also found these girant zips for 50c.img_1518Check out these treasures, all for 50c each!img_1516

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If I’m Drained Does That Make Me a Sink?

dangerThe last few days have been a bit draining. What it all comes down to is gossip really, not that I am completely innocent in this. I “reported” a transgression this week to my fellow class teacher, I should of kept it to myself. It’s sorted now, I have confessed, and have recieved forgiveness. I have also been approached with reported “concerns”. When is “reporting” gossip? I have concluded “reporting in concern” or “trying to work things out” is just the same as gossip. If you wouldn’t say it in front of the person you are talking about, then don’t say it at all. I also believe if someone is bagging someone to you, they are most likely bagging you to someone else. This kind of conversation is considered talebearing, a little flame that can bring on a large fire, foolishness, and most of all divisive to the family of God.

Have you ever noticed that your ears can be in the mood for gossip sometimes? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? Well we know from Scripture that that is called pride. Pride is not a good thing friends. I challenge you, especially Christians to avoid gossip, in fact stop it in it’s tracts! Run from it!

I have always found that I am more inclinded to listen/gossip, when I am not consistant with my Bible reading or prayer life. Maybe women aren’t busy enough? Perhaps we could fit in a few more hours of Bible reading instead?gossip

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My 38th Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I got up and made bacon and eggs because Jared has his big lecture day, added extra for myself and J’s parents. I went off for the day with Lachlan and Alycia and helped move more things from mum and dad’s old house to their new one only a few streets away. I woke up this morning with sore muscles, muscles that I never knew exsisted! I got home in time for the meal that Julie had made, did the dishes, then pretty much went to bed. I did get a few lovely suprises, particularly from Steph who made a pillowcase from scratch for me.img_1470 She also made a journal, cutting A4 paper and then sewing and stapling together…I love it, but I’m not sure that the pieces will hold together to be my Europe journal, I will need to review it. Let me say, that I love it though.img_1475Alycia made a little bunny from a facewasher for me.img_1473 My boys typically didn’t acknowledge my birthday, I must get onto that…husbands if you are out there, a little effort can make your wife feel a little bit special. These boys aren’t going too well on that training. At 9.30pm I said to J, aren’t you going to even give me a card? Evidently when I was away with the fairies he said to me that he would take me out for tea with the children on Wednesday night, so now I am sitting here patiently? waiting for him to arrive home.
George and Julie left this morning, so it was back to the school routine with piano, catechism, and science, maths, English etc.. Speaking of the in-laws this is the card that went with the present that I opened last week.img_1477 and the inside..img_1478

On Monday ( I know that I am going backwards here) we had our “Keepers at Home” course again. This time I was it, as poor Lian had a meeting with a dentist.. So I read them a book on purity.img_1488I also read Elizabeth Botkin’s talk on “Dedicating the flower of your youth”. This talk was all about using your youth to know God’s word, and serving others.  I thought that it went really well, although I think Lian is better with the whole leading the class thingy.

Speaking of Lian, look what she gave to me. I loved the card too. later in the day her little girl said to me “we would have given you a spotty one if we could” how cute is that?img_1465Here are the littlest children doing their paper crafts, how happy is Cassandra?img_1463

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I Lied!

I know that I said that I would post what Steph and I made yesterday, but as it happened, my computer would not accept any photos! My computer is telling me that I need to clear up some space on disk C??? I have been trying to get rid of some files, but it seems that I am even a hoarder on my computer disk!img_1360It is a wedding cake made from bath towels! Steph and I were laughing alot when we cut and pasted their photos onto some pre-done wedding outfits (who knows what freaky people are doing with your facebook photos!). They took it with the intention that it was given, which was lovely. To John and Kara, we pray that God will bless your marriage, and grant you many little blessings (as in children). This is what they really look like.img_1460I really enjoyed the night talking with them and to Kara’s parents. It is wonderful to know that we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Yesterday we also helped move some of my parent’s belongings into their new house. It is a sad time, because mum’s house is always spotless, but this new one needs work. It is only for a time though, and mum can make things look more homey in a flash.img_1434This is unit one, they are in unit 3. I hope that you are happy in your new home mum and dad.

At the moment I have Jared’s parents staying with us for a week. The children are loving the extra attention that grandparents bring. They are exhausting G’ma with all of the card games and Boogle that she can handle. Tonight the girls are out in the tent.

Tommorow I have the Keepers at Home course again. I will be reading a book to the girls called “The Princess and the Kiss”, I will also read out Elizabeth Botkin’s speech on ‘Dedicating the Flower of your Youth”.  Hopefully the girls will be inspired to serve the Lord in their homes.

G’night dear friends, I am tired and have just remembered that I have some muffins left cooling in their pan, must go and pop them into a tin.

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The Perils of sewing.

I was really proud of myself when I made this little purse. I had to really bring out the determination and perservere. I really believe that my mind isn’t too sharp, I’m sure that the rest of the world could figure things out a lot faster. Nevertheless, I did it. Perhaps that is why I am so stubborn, I would never do anything if I wasn’t!img_1367 The perils of sewing? Well, my big toe found a pin, a long pin!img_1363Forget the band aid, grab my camera! The pin was as stubborn as me, it wouldn’t be pulled out, so…well, you get the picture.
Jared’s parents arrived on Wednesday to stay for one week. They live in QLD, but came down for Jared’s brother’s 40th birthday. Of course we missed the celebration, and are yet to give him his card! I went to a meeting on Wednesday night, Thursday I had a party for two children to go to, so the other three went with the grandparents. I was childless! I was lonely…just a little bit. (where is that baby re-born?).
Today our toilet is leaking and smart/handy G’pa is working on fixing it. If you stay here folks, you have to work, it’s like the army!
Last night I slept in a tent with Alycia in the back yard. No, it wasn’t cold, we had 20 blankets.
Tommorow my parents are moving house, so we are off to help them. We are having vistors for tea, which I am looking forward to. I have made tea already so no one will feel rushed. We have also (Steph and I) been working on a secret..I’ll show you tommorow. It makes me laugh.

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Getting Better

Although I still have some sickies, they are certainly on the mend. Jared came out saying that he would like a toffee apple, a lime spider and an egg and lettuce sandwich! Needless to say, that none of those things were on hand, so he settled for some homemade chicken and corn soup. Steph made some sausage rolls to put in the freezer (although many were eaten before she could do that). Steph also finished her gratitude wrap. I was proud of Steph because I said that she should unpick the binding and do it again. She did. She is like me, what can go wrong, does. She made me laugh when she told me the story of how her Great grandmother’s mother once accidently crocheted her own finger. Steph then said “I get it from both sides!”img_1311 and inside…img_13121 I spent my time making a special little container for my niece’s birthday. It took me all day to make it, probably because of the name applique. I cut up part of Alycia and my jeans. Don’t you think it’s cute. Unfortunately Jared looked at it and asked “What is it?” I suddenly didn’t love it anymore, fickle aint I? I’ll look at it again tommorow, and see what I think.img_1318

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Good Friday

Normally we would attend Chruch to remember the great sacrifice that Christ made for us upon the cross, but..we have three with temperatures still. Our Church doesn’t have a service, they normally head up to the Belgrave Heights Convention, I didn’t want to spread our germs. We have been hermits, once again cancelling our visitors that were due to visit for tea. Instead I listened to three CDs that I borrowed from a friend.mon I really enjoyed listening to the one about marriage, and the one about children in the church, I agree with them totally! You can order these cds and other items from Vision Forum. The chap who spoke on these topics is Doug Philips.
With Jared and the girls sleeping for most of the day, it made a very quiet day. I decided to sew. I thought that I would teach Steph how to make a gratitude wrap (the free pattern is found on As you can see from her photo, she was very tired. She went to bed when she only had a few stitches I will show you hers when she is finished.img_1303 Here are the two that I made today. I’m not a great sewer, but I am at least learning.img_1308 Gratitude Wraps are items to hold cards and stamps and a journal to encourage you to write thank you notes, or notes of encouragement. Here is a picture of what they look like on the inside.img_1309 Other news? Cassandra can now cross her eyes.img_1305 Did you hear that a gorilla escaped it’s enclosure for 20 minutes at the Melb. Zoo today. Wow, that would give you a bit of a fright eh?
See ya.

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