Dear all,

I’ve moved my blog to http://cassiescuddles.hoodfamily.org.au. This will give me lots of yummy space to eat up. The new site has all the stuff from the old site, plus more coming.

See you there.

Cassie (actually, Jared, writing as though I were Cassie).

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Argh, Worpress, what have you done to me? You will not let me upload any more photos? What is a blog without photos? It is like Romeo without Juliet, or Bacon without eggs! I will now have to see how I can upgrade, for I have many photos to show you. Oh, WordPress, you are a bother at times!

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Little (or not so little) Miss Grumpy Pants.

What is wrong with me today, I feel like ripping everyone’s head off! Yesterday I was feeling very peaceful, I even sorted through the piles of paper lying around the house, but the day ended in disaster, I had crossed the safety zone. I honestly didn’t see any system to all the piles, so I placed all the similar papers together. I even put them in nice new clear folders. Well, now all those folders are lying lonely and empty on the floor, and I have learn’t a lesson “don’t touch your husband’s papers”. Tommorow might look better. Seriously, how do we all fight over such things, what a waste of energy.

I have tried my hand at selling some items on ebay, I sold 2 items.  It’s pocket money, nothing to swing a stick at (that’s the right saying isn’t it?). I have made another Gratitude Wrap to go toward my 10 handmade things swap.

This is what my house looked like yesterday morning, how disqusting is this!There was left over bread from the bread run (no-one would take it), things for the op shop, books, shoes, horrible. With a little TLC, it became..Ok, so it isn’t perfect, I could work on the bookcases, but you have to admit, it looks better than before. And remember I was busy sorting papers!!Do you like this cartoon? It always makes me laugh, but seriously, if I saw a pile like this in someone’s house, I would probably be disqusted. But hey, we all have days like this don’t we? Remember you saw my entry way.These books are my most treasured material possesions. These are my memory books, one for each child. When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend called Lea, suggested that I have a book to write in, to eventually give to my child when they are an adult. So I ran with it. If I am in a fire , after you have saved me and my family, please grab these too. They are by my bed. Here is a snap shot of Steph’s.The best thing about this, is that they will have my thoughts once I have died to be with my Lord. They will know that they are loved, that I tried my best, and that what I want most for them is to know that Christ died for them, and that they should follow Him, and live for Him. Blogs are good for that too right?

I had better go now, and change from Miss Grumpy pants to Little Miss Humble.

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