Possum Problem Resolved!

Many people have the problem of possums dancing, or should I say thumping around in their roofs. Our government has declared it illigal to kill the annoying mammal (athough recently decrimialising abortion which says alot about our nation) so how do you deal with these pesky animals? Go up to Mundingbarra, catch this 4m scrub snake found on a shed, and shout him some lunch. How huge is this, would this thing not give you a heart attack if you found it sleeping in your yard? I think that I know a couple of teenagers that would love to see this giant python, but let me just say…I don’t want to.0646570900

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Princess Party Take Two

img_02331This afternoon we went to another princess party. Stephanie decided to go as an ancient roman princess (using a white sheet), she discovered the idea in the Daring Book for Girls. Alycia and Cassandra were also very pretty, Ellie gave Cassandra a little dress , she felt very pretty.img_0234And what does a princess do at the end of the day?img_0246Fall asleep on the stairs of course!

Today I also took a few photos of my dear Jared.img_0210

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It’s too hot for anything…

This hot weather in Melbourne is terrible. It is the hottest run of weather over 43 degrees for over 100 years! Keep an eye out for your elderly neighbours and little children folks, this is a death trap! I am so happy to have an air conditioner and a pool! Any longer though, and I think I’ll be ill. We haven’t been doing too much, although we did go to someone’s house for tea last night (thankfully they had air conditioning), the kiddies just played Playstation all night so that they didn’t have to move. We need rain! Living amongst the trees makes me very nervous, I pray that we don’t see any fires.3

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A Plane called Pegs.

My family are somewhat excited as we have discovered that a Hurricane aeroplane has been built as a replica of the one that my grandpa Charles Bryce Watson flew during World War 2. The plane has the name Pegs written on it, my Nana’s name. How awesome is that. My Grandfather died in his 40’s and my Nana died about 10 years ago, she would have been so proud to see her name on her husband’s plane.ghhii2 Today we went to the Dr’s to get Lachlan checked for his asthma, and we had some wonderful news. Since moving to The Basin, his asthma has stopped. We praise God, after all those weeks in hopital over the years, now he is asthma free. Lachlan doesn’t even need a preventative anymore, yay!img_0134Today the children spent a few hours playing Drs and Nurses, Cassandra had a great time with Stephanie and Alycia, in fact she said that it was brilliant!img_0135

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Oh Man!

Oh Man! The pool that we just had fixed is leaking again, or should I say pouring? Some how I don’t think that I choose the right guy for the job. If nothing else it will be a lesson in patience.. screaming-woman-wearing_cb021827

Jared has been looking over his article that he has written for AP on innerancy, what an important subject! If the Bible isn’t true, then God is a liar, will you tell him or should I? Hopefully it will get people to think a little harder, and not to take things for granted. Pick up your bibles people, you will have the very words of God in your hands, get to know Him and see what a great and merciful God that we have.cjl87reading-by-the-window-hastings-posters

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Daddy’s last day.

Being officially Jared’s last day of holiday, we thought we would do something special. Our Aquarium membership is due to expire next month so we thought that we would make a final visit. Camden has been desperate to see the penguins that have just made Melbourne Aquarium their new home. They were gorgeous!img_00751We also did the whole Victoria Market thing. Jared’s highlight is the doughnuts! Actually they seem to be popular all round!img_0045We also checked out the old ANZ bank building. Not quite my style of architecture, but impressive nevertheless.img_0051We also took a ride on the free city tram.img_0094On a different note, I said to my grandfather a few months ago, that people get the face that they deserve, meaning bitter people have bitter faces etc ( I certainly wasn’t referring to him by the way). He disagreed and said that we don’t know what people have been through, some times it could be sorrow or something else. It has taken me this long to think of it this way. We really don’t know what goes on in people’s lives. I have been saddened by a lot of difficult things that my friends have gone through over the year, even though they might not discuss them. We should have compassion and look out for others, after all they might just need a good word of encouragement at the right time.

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A cut above the rest..

Today I let Ellie who is 11 cut my children’s hair! Mad you say? Do you believe that she did a great job? She is so talented for a young girl. We made a point of showing her mum when she got home from work, just to show what a talented daughter she has. Here is a photo of the children after their hair cuts.blog-1680I spent the day catching up on some posting. I had a gift that a student from Tassie bought for his child, but didn’t have room for in his bag on his way home…to post. I had a birthday boy to remember back in Moe. A wedding gift for a friend in England, and my niece’s birthday in Buln Buln! I love the post office. For my friend in England I got her an apron, mit, pot holder, some tea towels and a cute dishwashing brush.blog-1666This afternoon a little gnome called Cassandra climbed up onto a stump to enjoy the sunshine.blog-1678 The best thing is that the pool is finally fixed after 6 months! Yay.blog-1681 I love the pool, although I am always nervous with Cassandra. I take her floaties off just to remind her that she cannot swim. She is not even to touch the fence, with out strict punishment. Please Lord, help me to watch over her.

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The last few days..

Camden and Jared made a bird house on Thursday. Camden recieved the bird house from his aunty and uncle for his birthday. Jared and I were really impressed with his persistance in putting it together, and then wanting to stain it so that it would keep well in the garden.blog-1656And the finished product!blog-1657Friday we went to visit G’ma and Pa in Buln Buln. We had lunch together and then we had tea at Warragul hospital.blog-1658Saturday, we sold our car..yay! We also went and did some shopping, or should I say window shopping. The other day I saw this poster, I had to have a little laugh.blog-1653Today Jared preached at Auburn, another great sermon! We met a lovely lady who has only been in the country for a few months, she went to the church for the first time. It is always very brave to go to church for the first time. This afternoon we went to the lake for a swim, Ellie came with us.blog-1662

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After another hot day of us doing just about nothing, the highlight for today is that Cassandra got stuck! We were just about to go out, but guess what she did instead?blog-1649The pool man didn’t come again yesterday, he called to say that he will come tommorow instead, yeah right!

here is the photo from the paper that I promised you yesterday.100_4494

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Back again!

Wow, what a great couple of weeks I have had. We spent a week in Torquay, Vic. enjoying the sun and the beach. Altogether we went swimming at the beach three times, and other times we just climbed rocks and explored!blog-1538

Jared would stay on the beach and bury which ever child wasn’t in the water, in fact he even got his photo in the local paper burying Stephanie! (I will put the photo in tommorow when I get it onto the computer).

We also visited Fort Queenscliff, which we all really enjoyed. I love the history on how it was built to watch over Melbourne’s new found gold supply. Most of my photos are on Jared’s computer because I ran out of memory on my camera, so I will have to wait for those before I go into more details.blog-1555

Here is Lachlan, he is 12 now. I like this photo because it isn’t posed.

On Sat. we arrived home, and not long after Jared’s brother and three of his children visited. We ended up having Indian for tea, it was nice to catch up despite the terrible mess of suitcases spread over the floor.blog-1574Anyone would think a bomb had gone off!

Once again we found another huntsman, a scary big one, this is the result of it being hit with my shoe (not by me may I just add).blog-1576What Jared needed was a hammer, because the stubborn thing wouldn’t die! We had another few marks like the one above, thankfully we have great walls with wipeable paint (they should make an add about this).Sunday we went to Church and the girls had some friends over in the evening.

 Monday we went to a Knights and Ladies party, here are the Ladies of the house.blog-1580Lachlan went as a modern day knight (or spy).blog-1589Camden went as a knight.blog-1592The mum of the birthday boy did a great job, with lots of great games, and a homemade laminton castle cake!blog-1596Today we went and looked at pot planters in the terrible heat! Steph and Lachlan stayed home. Steph cooked a few sweet treats! Jared went to the dentist, and now we have two of Lachlan’s friends over for a sleepover ( last I looked they were rolling around the floor and knocking heads!).

It’s nice to be home!

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