Family Rituals

Do you want to know what our family ritual is? It’s fanning the fire alarm at breakfast, lunch and tea!

It was Stephanie’s turn to do the ritual. Don’t think I burn everything, it is just super sensitive, in fact all three are.

Look what Cassandra recieved in the mail. An application for a card from the commonwealth bank, what? She is only 4!

I found this package of beeswax at the op shop for only $4, cool. I have also started to prepare for the next Dayspring Day. I have bought over 120 small pouches, here are some. They were $1 each.

Yesterday I drove up to Ballarat to attend a mini conferance about mothering and homeschooling. I was a bit nervous about it, but the speaker Barbara Smith was honest and likable. They publish a magazine from NZ called Keystone.and I also bought this book.Jared read my blog yesterday, he asked me why our life sounded  more exciting on my blog. What can I say to that? Our life IS exciting, in a calm way.

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Better Than a Poke in the Eye..

Yay, I just heard from Australia Post, they are going to send me $25 since they lost the parcel. I’m glad that I re-made the swap. On the way to Stephanie’s music lessons, I swung by my swap buddy’s place, and handed it to her. I might have looked like a freaky mumma turning up at 7.30 with a little brown bag in my hand, but Ebony was gracious. Take a look at her site if you want to see the re-done swap ūüėÄ

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Playing Detective

Oh man, I can’t believe that the pincushion swap that I sent on the week of the 14th of April is lost!!! I have been wondering why I hadn’t heard from my swap partner, I thought that maybe she didn’t like it. I thought maybe she was too busy to answer me, and the my mind really started to wonder. I finally emailed her the other night, asking her if she got it, and she hadn’t. Agggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Australia Post, you have done me wrong (and of course my swap buddy), how DARE you! Now I am playing Detective. No, the postoffice doesn’t know where it is, but they gave me a number to call (yeah, it’s looking promising, not!). Although my swap buddy said don’t worry about it, I know how I would feel about waiting at the letter box for so long, so….I will start again. Hohum. Australia post, you better have it sitting on your desk when I call tommorow, or else I will…I will…be very sad :C

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Lovely Life

I am so thankfull for life, and more importantly to the giver of life. I heared a conversation only yesterday about¬†how noone was content with their life, always wanting something else. Let me just say, that I disagree, I appreciate how my life has developed. Sure there might be some things that I would do differently (like not eat that first chocolate bar, or the millioneth), but I am so blessed. Let me give you an example. I was having a play with Cassandra. I pretent to be asleep, she sneeks up to me, then suddenly I grab her and tickle her like crazy. This is¬†a fluke ¬†photo that I took, classic!I went to Lachlan’s first Parent teacher night this week. I spoke to his German teacher, who told me that L was totally disorganised, opps! Lachlan never has been good with paper. Then the Chinese teacher, followed by four of his main teachers at the same table. They said that he was disorganised too, but we have corrected it already, so it’s no biggie. Thankfully he is getting good results. I could tell that the teachers cared for him, so perhaps I have a new respect for his teachers. This is Lachlan at his locker, I was suprised to see it all tidy (no moldy fruit).I¬†had a Girl’s Brigade Mothers Day event to attend, once I got home. The leaders and girls did a lot of work to prepare crafts, games and a devotion, and of course, supper! This is the banner that Steph’s group made for the competition last month, Steph made the foundation piece, and did the binding and backing etc. I was impressed!This is a little broach that I made as part of my mother-in laws’ present. I hope that she likes it.While sorting through my paper “junk” I came across this….You can download free printable stickers from I always have a chuckle when I see this, because all my children started spelling this way…thankfully they have improved.If we want to walk up to the local shops, this is where we walk through. Isn’t it pretty? It was a perfect day to walk. We also went for a walk tonight, it was so dark. We took the three youngest, they thought that they were the “Famous Five? Three” Jared and I had torches, but it was still difficult to keep track of the children!Lachlan made this silk painting at school. The photo doesn’t do it justice. I think that it looks great, don’t you?¬†Cassandra did a bit of craft. We try to stay away from the whole fairy thing, so this is her scepter!Look what Camden dragged home this week. Everyone has junk piles outside of their homes, waiting for the council rubbish pick up. Evidently it is illegal to take things, even though they sit in the rain, noone wants the stuff etc etc. Could he have chosen anything larger?I had the children listen to one of these this week. John Newton. I recommend buying these for any children that you know. You can also download them from this site.¬†I went to watch Lockie at soccer today. for the first half of the game, he was the goalie. The opposing team didn’t get any goals, yay! During the second half he was running around. His team won, 3-2.

On a sad note, I went to Safeway, Boronia today. Police and ambulance officers surrounded a guernsy, I was wondering where the patient was, until I noticed the black bag, only 2 meters away from me on the ground. I saw the mica unit there, so I am assuming that the person died of a heartattack. How can I not feel sad for the person’s family, how sad to hear that a routine trip to the shop, ended like this. No one knows when their time to go is, so we should all be prepared. Trust in Christ, dear people. Whatever you have done, Christ is willing, and able, to forgive. Don’t leave it until it is too late.

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Today was a lovely day with church and then a fellowship lunch. There were many people at church, so there were lots of people to talk to. I am finally learning everyones names. Can you see the big crack in our windscreen? The result of the huge hailstorm we had a while back, we have finally booked it in to get fixed on Wednesday. Now hopefully our van will be fixed too. Wow, it will be an expensive week, perhaps I shouldn’t ask for diamonds this week?

This is art for the day, Stephanie and Cassandra attacked me with a pen. They are little tuffies graffiting me, and I am a tuffy because I am fully tatooed!

On a different note, I recieved a lovely parcel by my door on Friday, this book.I’m going to try and make something from it within the next couple of days, so stay tuned. I buy a lot of my books from¬†now, as they have free postage over a certain amount too.

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Today I feel extrememly encouraged. There is no doubt in my mind of God’s goodness, you see….We were driving Lachlan to his sports, into Hawthorn, Jared at the last minute said that he would come too, so all the children (except Steph who was at a Girl’s Brigade training camp) came as well. Driving along at 100 kms, that engine of our van just turned off, you heard me, turned off!! Thankfully Jared is a quick thinking, and competant driver (takes after his dad, who was an ambulance officer) he was able to drift and dodge over to the side. After calling the RACV, they said that they would send a tow truck and a taxi, as we had too many people for the tow truck! Two hours in the car, shaking when each truck drove by, the tow truck finally arrived. Jared would take Cassandra and Camden and I would wait for the taxi with Alycia and Lachlan. I was not excited…then a lady pulled over, I couldn’t believe it, it was a friend. She grabbed us, and took us home. Thank you God for watching over us, and sending us Sevvy. She was so generous, driving us so far out of her way.

Bye bye car.

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Check out this  site, they have many free ebooks to download.

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Because my post yesterday was sooooooooooo ugly, I thought that I would post some pretty pictures instead.I thought that this was cute. I found this pic on¬†¬†It looks kinda of relaxing don’t you think? Makes me want to go out in that muddy ditch outside, and have me a relax.Who said that sleeping in a closet was cruel?Alycia is reading the Famous Five series at the moment. She is up to number 14. I read the first one and I really enjoyed it. Alycia insists that she buys the older books though, because of the¬†old sketches. The library has the earlier ones, but it’s getting more difficult to find them.And just because I like the picture. Most times I am willing…..ugh!

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Favourite Things.

Who doesn’t have favourite things? Well I do, even though they might change a little. I was into fluffy pens at one stage, then things that sparkle, and now it’s anything pastle. This all sounds very girly doesn’t it? If you want to join in a swap of “Your favourite things” why don’t you join in over at this blog.¬†

Today Jared was working on his lectures even though it is a holiday, but I managed to distract him later in the afternoon when I found this site . is the picture I made of Jared.Then Jared did one of me…Aren’t husbands suppose to see their wives as beautiful? Well, I could cry if this is how he sees me. I looked like Michael Jackson!!Time for a makeover!!

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He’s Dreaming…

Last night my son told me of an excussion that he could go to, to Italy!!! All it would cost is $8000, yeap, you heard me right, $8000. He doesn’t even like art! As if!! I asked him this morning, did you really think that we would say yes? He said “No”. Then I asked him, would you really want to go with people you don’t know to a place so far away? He replied “No”, so I guess he was dreaming after all. Save up my son, maybe you could go on a big trip in¬† a few years, I hear Safeway is hiring.

Being a wonderful mother I have always told my son that he may as well speak in Chinese, because he mumbles his words. Who would have thought, that he is actually good at learning Chinese? He told me that he did very well in his test, go figure.

My son has made some new friends, due to his great talent…..Yup, that’s my boy!

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