Family Rituals

Do you want to know what our family ritual is? It’s fanning the fire alarm at breakfast, lunch and tea!

It was Stephanie’s turn to do the ritual. Don’t think I burn everything, it is just super sensitive, in fact all three are.

Look what Cassandra recieved in the mail. An application for a card from the commonwealth bank, what? She is only 4!

I found this package of beeswax at the op shop for only $4, cool. I have also started to prepare for the next Dayspring Day. I have bought over 120 small pouches, here are some. They were $1 each.

Yesterday I drove up to Ballarat to attend a mini conferance about mothering and homeschooling. I was a bit nervous about it, but the speaker Barbara Smith was honest and likable. They publish a magazine from NZ called Keystone.and I also bought this book.Jared read my blog yesterday, he asked me why our life sounded  more exciting on my blog. What can I say to that? Our life IS exciting, in a calm way.

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  1. I am sooo jealous you went to the conference – I sooo wanted to go!! It wasn’t to be though, ahh well hopefully there will be another home ed conference before too long.

    I love Jared’s comments about life sounds better on the blog.
    Not long ago Pete and I were talking how it felt like we’d gotten nothing done in the said week. We listed it all and realised it had been a huge week of good events and achievements. I think sometimes we are caught up with going from one thing to the next and maybe not being organised enough that we aren’t ‘in the moment’ often enough.
    I am aiming to ‘be where I am’ more often!

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