Today I feel extrememly encouraged. There is no doubt in my mind of God’s goodness, you see….We were driving Lachlan to his sports, into Hawthorn, Jared at the last minute said that he would come too, so all the children (except Steph who was at a Girl’s Brigade training camp) came as well. Driving along at 100 kms, that engine of our van just turned off, you heard me, turned off!! Thankfully Jared is a quick thinking, and competant driver (takes after his dad, who was an ambulance officer) he was able to drift and dodge over to the side. After calling the RACV, they said that they would send a tow truck and a taxi, as we had too many people for the tow truck! Two hours in the car, shaking when each truck drove by, the tow truck finally arrived. Jared would take Cassandra and Camden and I would wait for the taxi with Alycia and Lachlan. I was not excited…then a lady pulled over, I couldn’t believe it, it was a friend. She grabbed us, and took us home. Thank you God for watching over us, and sending us Sevvy. She was so generous, driving us so far out of her way.

Bye bye car.

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  1. Good to read you were all preserved.
    Any word on the car?

    • The Car has been “immobolised”, no kidding!! Hopefully tommorow we will hear some more.

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