It’s Me Birthday.

Well it was yesterday!  The night before I stepped out of the bathroom and discovered the smell of gas coming from the kitchen. (notice the clarification, in the kitchen). I went downstairs to discover a haze of gas, it was very strong. I immediatly started to feel ichy in the head. I told the family, the kids were taken outside for a bit, while I opened windows, turned on fans etc. After an hour it was all clear. Kinda of scary to think that my accident could have killed us all. I need to pay more attention. Thankfully everything turned out well.

In the morning I was woken up by the kiddies bringing me breakfast in bed :D. Cassandra gave me some coins and a flat battery (that looked like a coin), Camden gave me some crunchie chocolate, Alycia gave me a chocolate bar, and Stephanie gave me a CD of Mandisa, the lady who sings that song “You are loved”. Jared gave me a remote control. I recieved some lovely material from my sister in-law, and a nice book and some money from my in-laws.Jared took the family to Sophia’s last night to celebrate. The highlight for everyone was the ice cream. Four of us shared this, and we were all full.Now, who said that I never achieve anything…(let me just say that I did not eat all of this myself).Today we went to a family fun day, it was the third time that we have been. If you live in Melb., check it out. it is a free day open to all homeschoolers. You do have to RSVP though so  they can cater for lunch. This is Jared trying to solder Cassandra’s glasses. it didn’t work. This afternoon I went to get a replacement. They didn’t have pink, unless I wanted to wait, so I choose blue. She said I had to pay, I readied myself…$24! They kept the lenses, and popped them into a new frame. Yay, I was prepared for $200.

check out this guys blog, he makes simple, but cute stuff.

gotta go, battery is flat, ugh!

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