Take it Seriously.

I know people will think that I am over reacting, but please, take this seriously. I was delighted to hear that my son, has made some new friends at school, they even have the privilage of being in a locked room to have privacy while they play some card games. Of course I asked him what the game was called, he didn’t know, he just talked as they played. Today he finally asked what the game was called “Magic”, oh but it is just monsters, not magic I was told. Today we used the internet to look up the game. I wanted to cry. The author of the game use to play “Dungeon and Dragons”, we were looking at the cards, and I could see my son’s colour drain from his face. He knows that it is wrong, that the game is not God honouring, that it is all about the occult. We looked up Deuteronomy 18: 10-12 and Acts 13:10. Now he will need to make a decision, he tells me that he will do something about it.

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  1. Not over reacting in the slightest dear friend – when what we allow our children to associate with can be the difference between heaven and hell, it’s not something any of us can afford to be slack with!! (though the devil has convinced others to the contrary)

    Satan will use any lapse to his own advantage.
    Bless you as you work through this, just one of the many instances there will be at school that can pull your child away from God, and from yourselves. I pray that that none will be hidden from you.

  2. Poor Lockie, I am sure it was innocent. Good example of peer pressure and just going with the flow. He is a good boy, he’ll work it out.

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