The Childhood I Never Had.

What am I talking about? Reading Nancy Drew of course! I have never read one of her books, but after reading this swap, thought that I would take up the challenge. I have choosen “Trails of Treachery”, there wasn’t much of a choice at the local library. Are these books for nine year olds, or do I have a junior edition? Nevertheless, I will look forward to making a little pack to send to someone, hohum, I must have too much time on my hands I hear you say.

Today I recieved a call asking me to give some ideas about a children’s  nation wide program. Just ideas, but I was very excited anyway. I have started to brainstorm, and so I am giddy with ideas. I don’t necessarily know how to implement my ideas, but someone else might be inspired to work it out, we will see.See this regular looking couch? I have been kicking myself that I missed an opportunity. I saw this couch in red, at Moe for only a couple of hundred dollars, but I walked on. Look what it becomes, it would have been so handy.Regrets, sigh..

meanwhile my son is counting the days down until holidays, now there are 17 days left of school.

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  1. Love the couch!

    Nancy Drew books – loved them when I was younger! I wouldn’t say suitable for 8 year olds… not mine anyway… want them to be a few years older before reading content that includes ‘boyfriends’ :o)

    ooh – just remembered! Need to reply to your email still – will get to that today!!!

  2. Hi, I think the couch is great. Have you seen them anywhere else besides Moe? It would be great for my place in Rosebud.

    • nope, that is why I am kicking myself!

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