Proud Moments.

Every parent has them right? I feel very proud of my children most times, well, maybe I should say blessed.   I have been overjoyed at seeing my children put others before themselves, or to step out of their comfort zone and be responsible for something.

This is Lachlan in his new (un-ironed) uniformI am really pleased that Lachlan is eager to begin at Scotch, he has been studying his books eager to start.

Alycia has been busy cooking up a storm. She has prepared a few meals this week, and has made a few cakes. Don’t you love what she did with the rice?

We have had a number of break ups for this year, now you know why I haven’t been around.

We went to Buln Buln to visit our grandparents and Jared’s parents, and on the way home we popped in to see an elderly lady in a nursing home. The lady wasn’t in, so we stayed and spoke to some of the patients. Steph was asked by a nurse if she could play the piano. Steph freaked out in her quiet manner, but then got up bodly, and played, and played well. I was so proud of her, she was so graceful and sweet. Camden held onto a ladies hand and just smiled up into her face for about half an hour. The nurse took a photo of Camden, because the lady (who obviously had dementia) was responding to him. Alycia held someone’s hand to0. Cassandra did a little dance, and Lachlan melted into the background (we have to work on him). I think we need to do this more often, all of the people in that room had a little sparkle in their eyes once we left, what a blessing my children were.

So we have done a bit of visiting, a bit of baking, crafting, and of course getting ready for Christmas.

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  1. How nice! I’ve been looking forward to when my little ones are old enough to do this. I used to work in long term care and they appreciate the visits so much. Sometimes older folks will be put into a home or LTC situation and never or rarely get visitors. What a blessing you and your family have been to them! I’m proud of my little ones too!

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