Bits and Pieces..

Doesn’t the time just fly? How is it a new week already, what happen to last week. What have I been up to? Well, the norm, school, cooking..I tried my hand at some homemade pasties, nice! I got the recipe from one of my favourite recipe books.IMG_6014IMG_6012

We went to a bush dance on Sat. night, or should I say the girls and I did. Jared took the boys up to Rochester to preach, so they had a boys night. They had a great time,of male bonding, ice cream eating, and wrestling in the motel room. Meanwhile, Cassandra was trying her hand at bush dancing.

Check this out, we know a boy called Caleb, he is like a mini Steve Irwin. He made a bed up in a tree at his parents house, and actually slept in it. Anyone driving past would have had either a fright or a laugh.IMG_6033On Sunday a friend showed Steph and I what you can do with crochet, she is so talented. I fell in love with this carrot, and she gave it to me. šŸ˜€IMG_6036It is a little purse, cute eh?

Today the Girl’s Brigade had a twin/triplet night. Alycia wanted some matching skirts desperatly, so while she was with Jared at college, Steph and I made three skirts. They are simple tiered skirts, made in a hurry…Steph and I did every mistake in the book, and some not in the book, argh! From a distance they look ok..sort of. The smaller one is for Cassandra, but Alycia wore it so Ellie our neighbour could go too. Alycia actually fit into Cassandra’s skirt!IMG_6062

And just because I thought it was cute…IMG_6044

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  1. Thanks for showing the cover of the cook book – I didn’t realise there were even 4 now! I have the first 3… and we had porcupine meatballs from it last night LOL I’ll have to keep an eye out for no’s 4 & 5

    • There are five now! Good cook books aren’t they? Hope all is well

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