Day three in Paris

We have done quite a few things in the last couple of days. We walked around Paris. Everyone eats out on the street, squashed together in some cases. They kiss three times when they greet, it would take a while to get through everyone, lol! There are many places where gypsies? beg for money. Most are young and able bodied, I don’t get it. A lot of the gypsies have dogs next to them. Speaking of dogs, everyone seems to have them, there is also doggy doo everywhere, argh! It was very noticable on Sunday, that no one seemed to go to Church…..neither did we. They only one we saw had a big statue of Mary out the front. We saw where the Hunchback of Notre Dame lived, IMG_3156and walked along the siene river, and saw the markets. Yesterday we went to Avigion, Loved that. Avigion is a walled city with a real castle , the castle of the popes. Interesting history. The pebbled roads that are common in Paris, are very pretty, but must be difficult for some people to walk on.  We had a proper tea at an Irish Pub! Jared says that I am very brave asking for things in french. I feel very nervous, but I would not like to leave without giving it a go. It really isn’t that difficult, I have surprised even myself..

Already I am looking forward to going home, I have stayed away from my children for too long.We speak to them daily, and they all sound very happy, afterall it’s an adventure for them too eh?

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