Paris Day One.

We are now in Paris. After a two and half hour trip on the Euro train we arrived. The trip didn’t seem that long. I enjoyed a little nap, lol. We tried to book into our motel, but we were half an hour too early, so we were told to come back. We walked around a bit and came back. We have a very tiny room, but that is nothing compared to the lift! She asked us if we were afraid of small spaces. I went in by myself, and I felt like I was in a coffin! Later I went in with Jared, it is better to be in a “coffin” with someone.

We walked around for about  five hours, then came back to our room. The food is three times as expensive as London, we are now on a diet! Jared got me to ask for tea. Jared was a little surprised, that I asked in french, boy, was I nervous. The girl looked very impatient with me. Most people seem to speak some English, but I at least like to try.

We are having a full day out today, we might even hop on a bike. You can hire a bike in a few streets. The bikes are attached to a pole, and you use your credit card to detach them, cool hey?

Jared is not keen on the desk lady, she told us that we could not have a bowl and spoon for breakfast in our room. Breakfast downstairs is 12 Euro, about $20! We are using the sandwhich container, and a little fold up spoon that I have in my luggage, we are such rebels!IMG_3101

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