Now It Looks Real.

Wow, now it looks like we are going some place. Look what we picked up  on Sat.IMG_2251It’s cool to see the different types of money. It is the first time I have actually felt excited, is that weird? I still feel very torn about leaving the children. I know that they will be in good hands, I just know that they are our responsibility, and I’ll miss them. I have just been reading 1 Samuel, and it has been very comforting. The Lord has everything in control, He can do anything, He will watch over all of us. How great is that? We will be miles apart, but God sees us all at the same time.

Sunday we went to Morwell, Jared took the service and chaired a few meetings afterward. We drove to Buln Buln to have lunch with G’ma and pa afterwards.

Today we celebrated??? the Queens birthday (translation, we had the day off). Jared got stuck into the garden. Take a look at this picture of our glorious back yard. How many Kookaburras can you count? I think that there 5 in the picture.IMG_2260My little Cassie has been up to her usual curious endeavours. She stuck up a bead up her nose, she took a bit of coaching, but she finally snuffed it out. She also stuck a paddle pop stick into the fan heater! Oh man, she is going to kill herself. What’s woarse is that she was right in front of me. Later on in the day, she had a little bubble bath.IMG_2263

I put some foundation on Steph today, just to see what it looked like. She has such dark circles under her eyes, I have even taken her to the Dr’s in the past to get her iron checked. I thought that it made her look a little brighter.IMG_2276

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