Vans and Women’s Work.

img_1615I haven’t had the best time with the van this week, although I am still thankful that we are all safe and well. I popped into see mum on Thursday, and when we left I heard the flapping of a flat tyre!! Argh! I pulled over straight away, got out, and called Superman…I mean RACV man. He was such a gentleman, despite having terrible trouble trying to get the bolted tyre out from underneath the car. It took him one hour all up to get it out, and the new tyre replaced. Boy am I glad that we had help.

Today Steph went to a Girl’s Day Out run by the Pressie Chruch. The day was about modesty, being single and romance. When Steph came home, she said that it was ok. When she was asked ” are you ok being single ,even though it is looked down upon?” She said that she didn’t really understand the question, because being a wife, and mother, is the highest calling, normally, for a women. She also said that marriage is often looked down upon too these days. I am glad that Steph has a clear mind about such things.

Cassandra the other day, as always, really wanted to be a little helper. When I had just boiled up some eggs for curried eggs, I realised that I had run out of mayonaise, so I walked to the kitchen table to check the recipe on my computer for a suitable replacement. In that time, look what she did!img_1610That’s cocoa, in case you were wondering! Look at the guilty face.img_1611It really was quite funny.

 cfbsewingmach250Check out this cute wooden toy sewing machine. Little Cassandra would love this, it would keep her occupied until she can use the real thing. You can get them on esty or


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