I have heard this arvo that my sister arrived safely in Thailand, for which I am very thankful. While my sister looked after my children yesterday, what did I do? I spoke on the phone to a friend…sang down the hall way….tried on some stuff that she had dropped off for me such as these sunnies and necklace…tried to look cool.img_0847ok, so it’s not cool to wear sun glasses over your regular glasses…my secret is out, I’m not cool! I also found a great web site that can turn your photos into colouring pages. Here is Cassandra cooking.img_0855check out…

An experiment for you. Mix an equal part of citric acid powder, and bi carb, and take a big mouth full….you will froth from the mouth. I have a picture but it’s pretty gross…I have my standards. So hear is Cassandraimg_08281

Check out these cute things..il_430xn_40636969Light switch covers from Etsy…il_430xn_59891162Hair ties for washing day…mmm, I could make some of can buy them from Etsy..il_430xn_60158981Yep, Esty again!84a5a715-60d2-4567-a8d9-a616e2849e8b_playerI came across this photo on a blog a few months ago, it is of a place where battered women go to  for safety. Some women got together  and used their creative gifts, and changed  it into a beautiful blessing.54b31b31-ff0c-4dcf-b6f3-1c8ade4d1c6d_playerRemember that everyone has special talents that God has given to them, don’t forget to use them ladies!

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