Emotional days..

The days have been very emotional this week. The fires have cast a stillness over everyone’s lives. It seems as though everyone knows someone who has been affected by loss. We just heard of a missionary’s family who has lost their home, another friend has lost two of her friends. I have had two calls from people today asking how we are considering that their is another fire that started not too far from us, and we are surrounded by trees! Personally I can’t smell any smoke, but that is because the wind is blowing north, good news for us, but bad news for someone else. I/we have no intention of defending our home, we will go without  a second thought. I asked Lachlan and Stephanie seperately why they thought God allows some to die and others to live. Lachlan said that perhaps God wants to see if people will still trust him despite their difficult times. Steph said that we all deserve God’s judgement, no one more than others, while Alycia chimed in to say, that it was God’s plan for those who died to die. I don’t claim to know the mind of God especially when it comes to such tradgic loss of life, but I am assured that God is in control, He promises never to leave His people, and that He is not willing that any should perish. I hope that these events don’t harden people’s hearts, but rather soften them.comeuntome1

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