Birthday and Holiday.

It’s Camden’s birthday tommorow, he will be turning 7. I am glad to say that I think he is becoming a nice little man. I was always so worried about him. I can see now that he is kind, still somewhat cheeky (but in the not naughty sense), and is taking in God’s truths. As anyone who has a birthday in Jan or Dec. would know, birthdays are often forgotten, so I have spoiled him a little. Today we went to Chadstone shopping Centre, and I let him “Build a Bear” He loves tigers, so that is what he chose. I lashed out and got the tiger a costume too! I know, very indulgent. The good thing about Camden is that he doesn’t get greedy, and he is willing to share. Tonight he was given a transformer from the boy across the road, wow, does Camden feel special!blog-1459I have also bought him a tent, one that everyone can fit into (or at least all of the children). He will look after it.

Tommorow we are off to Torquay for a holiday, yay! I will pretend that I am a surfer chick! Speak to you in a week, stay safe!blog-14571Does anyone know the name of this rose? I saw it at Garden world, but there wasn’t a tag to be seen..It’s so vintage!

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