Paces, and Paddle Balls..

blog-1240Two nights ago, Steph and I stayed up until 10.30pm to try and finish school for the year. Steph was on a roll. I could tell that she was up to the tests, so I pushed her, and she came up trumps!  The next morning we were up early to go head on, and guess what, she is finished…yay!  We then went off to Chadstone, before visiting my sister, Nicky. The children love auntie Nicky, she is always fun to be around, and she spoils them. Even Cassandra, loves Nicky, she wanted to stay there.  Typically Cassandra got grumpy, and thus wrecked this it was under the influence of the red cordial? Nicky and I have discovered that we have a shared talent, we can bat a paddle ball! You bet ya. Nicky suggested that the Hood children all paddle ball, and sing at the same time, what a show!  Thanks Nicky for being a good auntie.

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  1. You don’t put very flattering photos on this site do you? Thanks for highlighting my double chin!

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