They made me cry…

Today I cried, not sad tears, but happy ones. I had two lovely ladies, Lisa and Sevy, give me a lovely Christmas present. Lisa made a beautiful bag for me, and Sevvy filled it with all craft goodies, ribbons, material, scissors, all manner of things. I had seen Lisa’s bag during the year, and people were saying “I’d love one of those”, and I did the unthinkable, and said it too. blog-1219

This is Sevvy and Lisa, thank you so much for thinking of me, and for being so generous. I know I don’t deserve such a special blessing, but I realllllly appreciate it. I feel very loved.

It has been such a busy few days. Today we had a market, Alycia made $40, Lachlan 20, Camden 10 and Steph $20. This was clear, after they had given their tithe to a young man who is a missionary in China. They actually gave a lot more than their tithe, which made me very happy to see them give money away manning the made two nappy cakes at $50, she got an order for early next year, but she still has these two. They are made using the best quality nappies, lotion, hat, and booties, and a baby blanket sewn by her. I think she clears about $10 when she sells

Take a look at the other

There were a number of other stalls, all the children tried their best. I felt bad that I couldn’t buy something from each stall to encourage them.

On Sunday morning Jared went to Morwell with Lachlan and Alycia. I went to a fire awareness meeting  next to our street run by the fire station. I felt horrible missing out on morning church for such a thing, but they didn’t run it any other time. After the hour long lesson, I was freaked out! In the afternoon I went to a commisioning of Issac Motor Yat, who will be returning to Sudan to teach and preach. It was a lovely service full of praise to God. Despite Cassandra turning on the “I don’t want to be here button”, we all felt inspired and up lifted after the message. I was encouraged to see children who recognised other missionaries from the Dayspring cards, when they told me, I felt very happy. Never underestimate the faith of children, and the work that they can do.

 Saturday we went to Morwell, to the German club. STeph and Lachlan were taught German by a friends for a number of years back in Moe. Mr and Mrs Mocnik have become very special to us. Mr Mocnik cooked the potatoes Mrs Mocnik did some major the way home we popped in to visit Jared’s G’ma and Pa in Buln Buln for a few hours.

Friday night I went out with my homeschooling mothers. It was a fun night with a lot of laughs. The meals where huge! We went to Sophia’s in

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