Dedicated to my Mother…

My dear mother has been searching out her name on my blog, so I thought that I would say something about her…She is very special to me, I am very similar to her in personality, but not in gifts. My mum has a very awesome ability to make a house look wonderful, even if it is a dump. Mum use to come up and visit me in Moe, the place would look like a wreck, but with little effort (or so it seemed), she would turn a mess into a fresh feminine sparkle. Mum always has flowers in her house, but never clutter. I have never seen her house messy, mine is never neat! Why didn’t I inherit that gene? I have said to mum constantly over the years that she should go into interior decorating, she has a gift.2i9rcafucmysca2ars5bcakozak0cabvf0xucaof3h38cacoexg0caja48u5ca92ummycayj98rocazonateca80cvc8ca3nhwcvca0zduvbca0o752jcahorazsca4fxdr5cav3dkc2caxgizdncakpoag8Ok, so this isn’t a picture of my mother, and she has never even looked like this, but hey, it gives me a laugh!

Today we went to a homeschooling market, not our one, that is on Monday. I also dropped off Jared’s gardening duva for a service…exciting stuff eh? I am going out for tea though, so I am pretty chuffed about that.

 Here are some pictures of Alycia’s paddle balls to sell for $2 each, and Lachlan’s lacing cards for

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