Sweet Sunday..


Today has been a fairly quiet day. We went and visited the PC of Eastern Australia in Wantirna. It was a good sermon, and a friendly welcome. It was nice to sing some Psalms, but I do not agree with a Psalm only rule. We have heard of the risen Christ, how could we not sing about it? I am miffed that we left Cassandra’s hat at the church, why do we always leave things behind? Perhaps I should start using glue a bit more often.

 I also spoke to two JW’s for half an hour. I got the line “we are not trying  to convert you..” how many times have I heard that one? I said “Let’s be honest here, I’m trying to convert you, because if I think that I have the truth, why wouldn’t I want you to know it too?” It was a good conversation, I was calm in spirit, and we covered a lot. Jared listened and said that I explained things quiet well. I do feel for these people..they love God, and try to do his will, but yet they deny the most important truths. Who is Christ? Why did they want to crucify him? It is because they knew he was saying “I am”. f66gcamwbsikcacx9781cad9qoedcajprzqfcasi8edxca0salrkca7rwrjacai0gy4kcap6jwagca4elne1ca9n93xcca68i5zjcasm1ra3cazgxzcdcabrogr2ca7iy7qvcal9nt7dcav42o9ycalpceof

Remember how I wanted to lock my self in that bed cupboard? Well, I feel a little better about it all now. It is good to have someone who is willing to listen and also to explain. God hears our prayers, and He is gracious, even when we are not.girlreading

I have had to judge a writing contest this week, I have just printed off a couple of certificates. It is hard to put an 8 year old and a ten year old in the same judging catergory.

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