Yesterday we went off to the Orthodontist for a 9am appointment. When we arrived, they didn’t have our appointment listed…not even our names in the system! I asked if they had the children’s x-rays, after all I could have the place wrong, or the day!!! They had my x-rays, so they figured that it was their mistake. They asked if they could see us at 11.25 instead, and gave us a $5 gift voucher to Gloria Jeans! So off we went and bought a big Tim Tam shake after two hours of toy shopping. The children had a blast.


Steph was told that she needed braces costing $5000, but Lachlan who has the terrible bite, was told to get a jaw opperation when he stops growing around 21 years of age, ugh!

When in Target, I always check the price of these cookie cutters, they are way too expensive at $29.95, but at last I found them to be 40% off, yay!


places I have places that I would like to are also a few others like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a windmill, not too interested in those places…especially Italy, I don’t think that I could stand the whole “I’m so close to the pope thing”, although Roman history would be pretty cool, as in the early church..

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  1. Windmills are in Holland. Holland is full of Dutch people. Dutch people are cool.

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