Dentist and other fun things..

Our day began with going to the Dentist. It was a pretty small dental clinic, but the dentist was nice. Steph said that the receptionist was grumpy, but that might have  something to do with the fact that we were there a week earlier than our alotted time. He saw us anyway. Steph had the all clear, no fillings as yet. Lachlan has teeth that haven’t developed properly, thus two huge fillings in his permanent teeth will be done tommorow, oh and a visit to the money orthodentist, for next week.dentistHere is a dentist, laughing all the way to the bank!

Here’s a bit of information for you..My first job was as a dental nurse. I liked the job, but I thought that my bosses were creeps. $400 went missing? once, and I think that they thought I took it, I would never do that, it was the biggest insult, so I eventually left, and became a State enrolled nurse instead.

Cassandra, Camden and I printed,cut out and wore a sheep mask today. Cassandra found it all very amusing.


Ellie also made this cute necklace for Cassandra, it has bling! What girl could resist?


 The children went out to the neighbour’s, joining them for a swim today. We still haven’t fixed our pool, I doubt that we would be able to fill it anyway (water restrictions and all). At the moment it seems to be a dead bird collector, a collection of Australian wildlife, a Kookoburra being one of our lovely native birds.

 I just watched a documentary on Sir John Monash. I took in every detail, I have discovered that I love history…I just wish that I could remember it all!! Note to self, study more Australian history.


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