Ok, I could feel like a bit of a loser now, or I could reminise of days where I have done the same thing. What am I talking about? Our visitors for Sat. forgot to come! This is the second time this has happen this year (not from the same people), thus the heading. But…I have been guilty of this myself, a looooooooong time ago. I was pregnant with Steph, Jared and I were devouring KFC when we got a phone call..”ARe you coming?” ” Ah, yeah, sorry, we are running late…” Ok we were not only pigs, but liars as well. I really didn’t want to hurt her feelings, perhaps I should have fessed up. Not to worry, they will come next weekend.

 Today we went to Belgrave, and Lachlan went to a friends house, and we brought home a little girl to play at our house. When we dropped her home, we found a Blue Tongue lizard sitting on the nature strip! It was the little girl’s family pet, it had been missing for 2 days! Yay, for once, we actually saved an animals life, instead of killed it…I’m kicking myself that I didn’t have my camera, so now this is a boring bit of blog…I will need to search for a picture of interest….now let me see…pa290006Not interesting? Nope, not really. This photo was sent to me by some missionaries that I saw recently. I look like a man! No wonder people tell me to wear my hair down. Look at my teeth, they are actually grinding together, due to Camden with another fist full of pop corn, how full does he look? He and Cassandra actually ate through that whole bowl. Lets just say when we left they had the seat of learning meet with the rod of correction.

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