Happy Seven Eleven day!

blog-897Did you know that on the 7th of November, if you go into the 7/11 shop and say “Happy Seven Eleven Day”, you will get a free small slurpee? So on the way home tonight, that’s what Camden, Cassie, and I did…nothing like a freebee. The poor man looked bothered by it all, I wonder how many times he has heard that from such cheap people as myself?

Today was a typical school day with some cleaning spotted in between, and then some special guests.. I had two mothers come to speak about homeschooling. I’m not the great expert, but if you want to know what I do, I am willing to tell you. It was great to see two mums (who are both being blessed with another child due in 2009), who want to train up their children in the best way that they can, don’t we all want that for our children? I always pray that the Lord will guide myself and Jared in training them, it is a huge responsibility. Just keep this in mind though, if you don’t teach your children the right thing, someone else will teach them the wrong thing..blog-882We also went and checked out some more couches…blog-892

We made ourselves at home in IKEA!

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