I’m a happy little shopper!

Yes, that’s me, a happy little shopper. The buyer’s remorse won’t kick in until tommorow when I won’t have any money for milk! I bought a couple of towels (Clint’s/Sams) for $7 each.blog-878And a bunch of material on special at Spotlight. Ranging from $3-$8 a meter. I haven’t bought material since April, so I thought it was time to restock. I also have to work on a quilt block to go toward a young girl’s 18th. I’ll be freaking out soon that it won’t be up to the other’s standards, but I will try my best.blog-876

Oh, and…blog-879I also made a new dessert..Apple custard slice.blog-875

Oh, it’s blurry! Jared says that it tastes like Apple crumble, it was a lot of effort just for that, when he doesn’t particularly like apple crumble…Oh well, it’s good to cook something different for a change.

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