To the Zoo

Last night we went to a friend’s birthday, it was a nice night out. We left at 10pm when Jared started to look a little pale (he isn’t a night owl).

 Today we went to the Zoo. My sister Nicky has been working there for nearly a year, and was able to get us in for free, bonus! Nicky also arranged for us to touch the giant Tortoise, it was amazing! There were four in the enclosure, one weighing over 150kg. They were all about 70-90 years old. I figured that maybe our grandchildren will one day see the same tortoise (they live to be about 200 years old). Thank you Nicky for this opportunity. The children were also spoilt in that Nicky let them buy a toy for $20 each. Cammy got a tiger, Alycia a monkey puppet, Lachlan a Meerkat, Cassandra a turtle, and Steph a real cactus! Unfortunatly Alycia accidently put her toy down when she took her jumper off, and was unable to find it once she realised that she didn’t have it. You can imagine how she held back her tears, she was very unspoilt, my heart broke.

                                                                       MISSING IN ACTION!

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  1. Oh No! I’m on the blog! I am a lucky Aunty to have such wonderful and well behaved nieces and nephews. They all deserve anything I can give them (and one day they will look after me too…milkshake and donut is all I need)

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