Sewn at last!

About a month ago my sister’s friend gave me some material and glass jars, in exchanged she asked if I would make her a couple of things, how could I say no? I’m not the best sewer, so I accepted the challenge with some trepidation. The first thing was a bag holder, that was easy enough. The second was a bag out of the same material, easy enough without a pattern but….I decided to line it, and the handles, but I typically sewed the handles on back to front, then the lining with the seem showing, so I had to do a lot of unpicking….typical Cassie! I liked the bag in the end though, but I don’t think that I will start a business from making them! Here is a photo of them.

She also asked for an apron, she gave me her old one to use as a pattern, ugh! Ok, once again simple enough, but I had to use tiny bias binding!! I had to unpick, sew, unpick, sew, and that was the pattern. Time wise it would have been better for me to go out and buy a $30 apron, at least it would have looked good! Here is Steph with it on, there was a part on the shoulder that she will have to make right, but apart from that it was ok.

People, don’t ask me to sew for you, I’m no good at it!

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