Still Sunday!

Ok, Cassandra is never still but we are working on that one! Church is always a challenge, but I can generally hear the sermon (I hope that everyone else can!). Our minister encouraged us to live out our christian faith, not to be just hearers, but doers!

 This afternoon we watched “Chariots of Fire”. I cried through some of it (Steph said that I looked silly enough to video and put on You Tube, ugh!). I am always moved by the faith of people and the stands that they take admist trouble. Eric Liddell was put under preasure to run on the sabbath, but he stood firm because he believed it was going against God’s law. Many would of thought he was a legalist, or over the top, but he stood firm and was a witness to the world. We might not be challenged like that, but every day we are a witness if we claim to know Christ. When things aren’t going your way, when someone is out to get you, or when you feel discouraged, how do you react? This message is for me more so, because I always over act, someone once labelled me a “Drama Queen”. Even when I feel that life is becoming a little overwhelming, I hear God’s word saying to me “trust in me, and I will give you rest”, and “those that Honour me, I will honour” and the simple but amazing fact, that God is in control of everything. How can a Christian be discouraged? I have always prayed “Lord, grant me even more faith, that I will always trust in you”

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