Under the sea!

We hurried off Tuesday morning to Melb, ready for a mission meeting, only to discover that I had  the date mixed up, it’s for Thursday not Tuesday, duh! Plan B was put into action…The Melb. Aquarium! We have a yearly membership, which I think is a bargain (if you actually like the place!).  Jared doesn’t like it, but the children and I do, so whenever we are in Melb. we pop in!

Last night I took Stephanie to the PLC open night, it was for girls going into year 9 or 10 next year. We wanted Stephanie to have a good feel for the place to see what she thought. She didn’t feel overwhelmed by it, although she did get some strange comments regarding having been homeschooled up to that point. We still haven’t decided, we have until next week. One thing that I was aware of, was that Steph has had a great education regardless of what anyone might think. It’s weird to think that we think it is normal to put 100 girls the same age together to learn, when else in all your life, are you surrounded by only the same aged people?  No doubt Steph could benefit from some of the resources, and it would make her more chatty, but is being reserved such a bad thing?

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