Princesses and Knights in training!

I was really impressed with Lachlan today, I put a deal to him that if he dug up the pond, we could sell it, and he could have the money. It was hard work, but he went to it like a man with a mission! All he has to do is clean it now!Here is princess Stephanie, my beautiful maiden with her hair braided ( I can only braid backwards, go figure!).  I’ll have to take a photo of my friend Lian soon, she is doing a really cute style with her hair at the moment. Princess Cassandra shown here, was at her worst today, deciding not to use the potty, but to instead hide and do her “private things” in private! She tried to hide her activity, by placing different items over it, including an orange building block right in the middle. I can see a sermon illustration in anything… isn’t it just like our sin? It doesn’t matter how we try and cover it up, it’s still  just as disqusting and unacceptable to God! I am so thankful for a forgiving God, who can take away our sin, and make us as white as snow. Cassandra wasn’t capable of cleaning herself up, just as I’m not of getting rid of my own sin, but God can, and does, through Jesus and his work on the cross! Don’t we feel better when we are declared clean?

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