A few thank yous, and a kick in the head!

Today we joined Jared at his preaching post, two servies, straight after each other. All the children do well, and I don’t mind hearing a great message twice, but it’s Cassandra, the two year old. To be honest, she does pretty well, but I always feel that I have struggled with her the entire time! If it wasn’t for the fact that my oldest children now sit and listen to the service, I would probably give up, but I thank God that hard work, and a lot of prayer, and some tears, reap rewards. Young mothers, don’t give up, persevere, always remember that you are training your children to be obedient, directing them to God. I know without a doubt that you cannot make your children christian, but I know that it is our responsibility as parents to teach them about salvation by faith in Jesus.

 This afternoon was a quiet day, I made a few thank you cards. We have been so blessed by some family members lately, I thought that I would show my appreciation.  

This afternoon my children confessed that one of them had kicked a nighbourhood child as a joke, in the head!! Anyone who knows my children would know which one did this. I am always shocked by this one’s actions. So straight away, we went over to the neighbours house, and the offender gave an apology and asked for forgiveness. The offended, gave his forgiveness straight away. Nice way to meet his dad eh? I need to tomato stalk this child, if you don’t know what I mean then take a look at the website raisinggodlytomotoes.com 

Here is a photo of my best friend and husband. What would I do without him?  He hates cameras so this is a rare treat, take a peak.

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