Dr Dr…

Once again since moving, I have had to take the children to the Dr’s. This time Alycia and Stephanie has been put on antibiotics. Poor girls, thankfully modern medicine kicks in extrememly fast. How grateful am I for modern medicine!

 Jared has been working very diligently in the garden, and it is starting to look very peaceful. It is always great to see “fruit” for your labour don’t you think? I would hate to think that one day my hands could not work. I hope that if I live to be old and grey, I would still be able to work with my hands, and perhaps bless my children and other young mums. Maybe cook a meal, baby sit the children, or just be a listening ear. I just have to show this cute photo of this amazing (can you call it a pram?) Pram! How blest would you be to fill this up with so many little blessings? Hey mum, if you are reading this……..

I am really thankful to God for my family, like most people would be. Scripture tells me that every good gift is from God, So thank you God!

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