Sunday, The Lord’s day.

Today we all went to Church, but not altogether! Jared went with Lachlan and Camden to his preaching post and I went with the girls to our local church. We have only been going for 6 months, so I really want to make an effort to fit in, and have some fellowship. We did something different, we watched a video of John Anderson who spoke at the Belgrave Men’s convention. He is obviously a godly man, who trusts in Christ alone for his salvation. It reminded us all to keep our politicians in our prayers.

The boys across the road came over around lunch time to sell their chocolates to raise money for their school. They are such sweet boys, how could I resist (mind you, if they were selling vegetables they would not have been so popular!).

I didn’t tell you that yesterday we went to the local plant nursery. Camden who is 6 was running around near the sand piles like a wild banchee when I called him. What did I find? He had only one shoe on, he had decided to only bother bringing one! Where did I get him from? Ok, it was kinda funny, he never seems to amaze me with what goes on in his mind. Thankfully he is growing up and getting a little calmer. Last week Lachlan asked him what 24 plus 24 was, and he promptly answered 48! I said “how do you know that?” he said “20 plus 20 is 40 and 4 plus 4 is 8, so it’s 48” He forgets his shoe, but he can add up

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