Now what do I do?

Ok, my husband Jared has just set this blog up for me, so now what do I do?  I could tell you something about myself, and hope that somewhere in blog land someone is bored enough to have a Mrs Jessup (a sticky beak woman in the the Australian’s tv show The Sullivans), looksie. 

I have a great husband who is my earthly rock (I’m a christian so Christ is my rock and my refuge overall), he is an ordained Presbyterian Minister in Victoria, Australia. We have just moved from Moe after 10 years, and now he is a lecturer at the Pressie college. I have 5 beautiful children who keep me thanking God, and who also happen to be the greatest character moulders of all time (well, at least on me!). We have choosen to homeschool, and this has been a huge blessing, and an awesome responsibility ( especially for someone like myself who never paid attention at school, as I found it boring apart from the long chats that I had with friends in class. Just for interest I did pass year 12 without any effort, although a couple of my talking buddings did not have the same outcome (am I bad?). For my first year out of school I worked as a dental nurse, which I enjoyed (although I could never set plaster moulds of teeth without getting airbubbles in them!) I decided that nursing was for me, so I trained at Caulfield hospital as a S.E.N. I loved that Job, it opened my eyes, and calmed my party spirit, seeing someone die does that to you. Now days I fill my days with loving my family, doing bits and pieces and hopefully making a differance….to someone.

 That’s me, so far…now I will wait and see if anyone wants to have a cassie cuddle (did I just type that?)

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  1. Oh, shucks. That’s me (‘great husband’). A good start to your own blog!

  2. Hey there! Welcome to the world of online blogs! Good luck on keeping it up to date! That’s my problem… I go 6 months between posts!!!! Ha! Ha! I’d love to have a craft one tho! See some very inspiring ones when I surf! Trying to decide if I’m going to church tonight!!!! Freezing cold! Been at Drouin all day! Talk to you soon!!!! Love, Mairi

  3. I enjoyed my first ‘Cassie Cuddle’- you are an inspiration to us all!
    ~Old-Fashioned Lady.

  4. Now that’s a funny story about my little niece Stephanie being asked if her daddy was her husband. It brought back memories of when I was 15 years old and I was with my dad at the airport. My dad happened to meet one of his friends, by chance, at the airport one day who turned to me and ask “Are you his wife.” I was so mortified…being only 15 years old. I suppose it makes me realise if you have a young looking dad then that can be expected. Besidies girls are known to mature and blossom faster than boys so hence these things can happen. Oh well…wish someone thought I was someone’s wife now!

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